Nitro Glass Screen Protectors for Iphone X


The Nitro Glass Screen Protector from zNitro is made of highly engineered tempered glass that covers the precious full-screen beauty of the iPhone X. Since it’s glass, it doesn’t have any of the distortion or finger-drag that is possible with other plastic-based protectors. It’s easy to install and virtually invisible on your screen.

  • Hammer Tested™ tempered glass
  • Scratch- & impact-resistant
  • Easy dry application
  • No sticky residue if removed
  • Lifetime warranty


Nitro glass screen protectors have many benefits.  With the high cost of smartphones, many owners feel it’s important to protect the value of their phone. Since a cell phone’s glass screen is one of its most vulnerable areas, it makes sense to shield it from scratches, dust and other debris. One way of doing this is with a Nitro glass screen protector.

There are many benefits of using glass screen protectors, including enhanced privacy, anti-glare and prevention of abrasions. See the many added benefits here:


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